Getting Started with the KLIC-N-PRINT 3D

Thank you for purchasing a KNP3D. Before you begin printing, there are a few necessary steps to take before making your first print.



When unpacking the KNP3D we recommend placing the box on the floor:

  • Open the top of the box and remove the cartons that surround the printer.
  • Next, remove the printer by lifting it by the top metal frame. Do NOT remove the printer by lifting it by the cables.
  • Take note that the two boxes at the bottom of the shipping box contain the power cable, USB cable and the filament guides.
  • Place the KNP3D on a work surface. A 3D printer should be operated in a dust-free, non-humid room with a temperature of 65°F (18°C) or warmer. If printing ABS filament, also make sure the room has adequate ventilation.
  • Open the box that contains the KNP3D extruder and remove the box from the printer.
  • The build plate should now be visible. You’ll notice a thin layer of Kapton tape covering the build plate. Do not remove this film. This is the surface material on which you’ll eventually be printing.

Next, the build plate needs to be raised.

  • This can be done by manually rotating the large threaded screw clockwise directly behind the build plate.
  • Raise the build plate until you can easily access the two boxes beneath which contain spools of filament. Carefully remove these as well as any remaining packaging.

Hardware Setup:

Install the extruder:

  • Start by manually turning the large threaded screw counterclockwise to lower the build plate all the way down.
  • Open the box which contains the extruder and remove it from the plastic sleeve.
  • Place the extruder on the extruder mount, making sure the cooling fans are facing forward.
  • Once in place, locate the hex wrench and two silver bolts (found in the same accessory box as the extruder).
  • Tighten the two bolts on the bottom side of the extruder.

Attach the spool holders:

  • Open the two long boxes that were on the bottom of the shipping carton to locate two spool holders.
  • On the back of the KNP3D located the two holes for mounting these holders.
  • Install by unscrewing the outermost nut on the spool holder and then inserting the holder into the hole and tightening the nut from inside the KNP3D.

Attach the filament guide tubes and filament:

  • Locate the two filament guide tubes.
  • Slip each tube into the fasteners on the back of the KNP3D and screw the fasteners securely.
  • Place a roll of filament on the right spool of the KNP3D, making sure the filament will feed up from the bottom side of the spool, straight up into the guide tube.
  • Loading the filament into the extruder will be covered in Section 2.05.

Connect to an outlet:

  • Plug the power cable into the power port on the back of the printer.
  • Be sure the power switch is turned “off” before plugging the power cord into a power outlet.
  • Turn off the power when not using the printer. Unplug from your power outlet if the printer will not be used for a long period of time.

That’s it for the initial setup! Now download, install, and configure the software.

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